Five Things You May Not Know About Menopause

Five Things You May Not Know About Menopause

Menopause is so freakin’ awesome! Said no one, ever. In this blog post, I’m going to be exploring some of the less-discussed symptoms a woman can have during perimenopause. If you’re opposed to reading about the mysterious inner workings of the female anatomy, you should probably sit this one out. Consider yourself forewarned before you click that ‘read more’ link. 5…4…3…2…aaand click!

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My Little Big C Scare and Other Medical Shenanigans

Little Big C Scare

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog post. On paper, I mean. I’ve composed a hundred of them in my head. Or at least, parts of a hundred posts. For months now, composing them in my head was really all I had the energy to do. I thought I decided to give up blogging. It’s been months, after all. I’d pretty much convinced myself I’d have to start over again, from scratch, and that all my regular readers would surely have moved on by now. I thought I was okay with all that. Silly me.

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Where the HECK Have I Been?

Where the heck

Where the HECK have I been? I know, I know, there’s no Sunday recipe, and I’ve been suspiciously absent on other social media and at linky parties, too. Well, pull up a chair and hit that ‘read more’ button if you want to find out what’s up.

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The Sunshine Blogger Award Lands!

Sunshine Blogger Award

The Englishman was heartily amused when I told him I got nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award. Apparently, the love of my life does not think I’m particularly sunshiney! I should probably be annoyed by that, but eh. We’ve been together for going on two decades and he sees me when I wake up in the morning, so it just might be his assessment is a teeny, tiny bit accurate. But I do have the occasional sunshine moment, I swear. No one is all bad, after all.

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Muffin Cup Omelettes: Quick & Easy

Muffin Cup Omelettes

The discovery of Muffin Cup Omelettes has been a breakfast lifesaver in our house. Although we share a lot of the same taste in food, one place we differ quite a bit is with our morning eggs. The Englishman likes bacon, sharp cheese, and a lot of heat, while I prefer milder flavors. Fortunately, if you make this recipe, everyone can have their favorite without having to cook multiple omelettes. As far as I’m concerned, anything that gets me out of the kitchen faster, and doesn’t leave a huge mess, is a win in my book.

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10 Workplace Personalities and How to Cope With Them

10 Workplace Personalities

Maybe you share a cubicle with one, carpool with one, or even report to one. Maybe they’re always foisting off their work on you, or nagging you constantly for minute-by-minute updates on a project. They may be the cause of lost sleep or even the occasional nightmare. Yes, it’s true! The people you work with often have the power to influence you in subtle (or not-so-subtle) ways.

You’re stuck with them, though, right? I mean, unless you decide to find another job, or they do. Since you likely spend more of your waking hours with them than you do your own family, you may as well turn those frowns upside down and let their antics be a source of amusement rather than frustration. Who knows? It might even make the workday pass a little more swiftly! Here’s my list of 10 workplace personalities (and how to cope with them).

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Happy Freakin Valentine’s Day

Happy Freakin Valentine's DayHappy Freakin Valentine’s Day. Sundays are usually reserved for recipe posts, because food is how Italians show love. For the record, I had absolutely no intention of writing a Valentine’s Day post, so imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and felt a strange urge. No, not that kind of urge. Geez, pull your mind out of the gutter already!

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Progress Report Week 7: Update

Progress Report Week 7

Progress Report Week 7: Update

Pounds Gained This Week: 1 by me, and 1 by the Englishman

Yes, boys and girls, you read that right. The big red sad face and the word “gained” isn’t a mistake. Though, it has to be said that the reason we both gained a pound is a bit of a mystery.

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8 Ways to Failproof A Marriage

Failproof a Marriage

This week’s post comes to the page courtesy of a lunchtime chat I sat in on with a few of my co-workers. The focus of the conversation was relationships and why so many of them fail. What I found most intriguing about the whole discussion is that none of the participants – married or single – really felt as though they could quantify what, exactly, it takes to failproof a marriage.

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Creme du Chocolat: Valentine’s Decadence

Creme du Chocolat

For some people, the kitchen is a magical, happy place where feats of culinary mastery happen on a daily basis. Then there are the people like me, who are destined to stare longingly at the photos of such masterpieces, knowing that were we to try them, they’d come out looking like a failed science experiment. Would you believe me if I told you I made the recipe in the image above, and that not only is it easy, it’s the most amazing dessert I’ve ever made? It’s true. If you’re a chocolate lover, or know a chocolate lover that you want to impress, make this Creme du Chocolat.

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