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Liebster Award

The Liebster Award. It seems like 2016 is getting off to a fantastic start for me, both in day-to-day life and with this little blog of mine. I’ve met (virtually) some great people through blogging who have enriched my life in the most unexpected ways. Without getting stupid mushy and going all girly-emotional, I’ll just say that when I started blogging, I didn’t realize I’d find a whole community of people so dedicated to helping one another out. In my old age, I’ve become something of a cynic, not to mention a bit curmudgeonly. The community is definitely shaking the foundations of my cynicism, though, and for that, I thank you all.

I also want to thank Kayla Sue of Always, Kayla Sue for nominating me for this Liebster Award. I was pretty darn surprised by it. If you don’t know about Kayla Sue’s blog, you should definitely check it out.

Now, down to business!

What is the Liebster Award?

If you Google it, you’ll discover that in German, ‘liebster’ means “dear, beloved person, liked very much” and other such lovely sentiments. Further time with my friend Google tells me that the Liebster Award was created for bloggers, by bloggers. It gives newer bloggers an opportunity to connect with other bloggers.

Well, that’s pretty great, yeah? I mean, I don’t know a lot of bloggers that don’t like to connect. It’s kind of why we’re all doing this. Otherwise, we’d just keep a private journal and free up a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of extra time!

There are just a few simple rules:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog in your Liebster Award post.
2.  Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge into your post.
3.  Answer the 10 questions you were given when you were nominated.
4.  Come up with 10 questions you would like to ask of your nominees.
5.  Nominate 10 newbie bloggers, by commenting on one of their blog posts with a link to your Liebster Award post, and a short message about nominating them.

Kayla Sue’s Questions for Me (and My Responses)

1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

I’d like to think that in five years I will have figured out this whole blogging thing to the extent that it will be bringing in enough income for me to retire from my day job. I want to be the lady on her front porch in her pajamas with a mug of freshly ground coffee, waving to the neighbors as they go off to face the Monday morning commute, while I toodle back inside to play on Twitter and write blog posts.

In all likelihood, this will never happen. Primarily because my boss of ten years has already threatened to hunt me down and staple my feet to the floor in front of my desk, should I ever actually try to leave him. I’m pretty sure he’s kidding, but he’s actually related to a rather famous old-time mafioso (for realz), so I’m not sure I want to put him to the test. This also means that in ten years I will likely still be there too. Either because my feet have, in fact, been duly stapled, or by my own design. In any case, if you notice me mysteriously stop blogging or Tweeting, you may want to check into that.

2. How did you begin blogging?

I jumped in, feet first, with absolutely no idea what I was doing. That was back in November 2015. It probably wasn’t the best way to go about starting a blog, but at least it was a way. Basically, I wrote a rant on Facebook that my friends found hilarious. Some of them said I should blog. I laughed it off, then thought about it, and decided why the heck not? The rant that started it all is here.

3. What do you do to stay organized, in the blogging world and RL?

I am stupidly organized in the real world. I work for a law firm in my day job, and I’m so Type A it’s not even funny. Everyone there thinks I’m this ultra-organized, super-together individual. Always on top of emails, inbox is always clear. That sort of thing. I must save it all for work, though, because at home, I’m an agent of chaos. I desperately try to be organized, but…eh, not so much.

I am making an attempt, however! I got this awesome Choices Notebook from Kimberly Montgomery. I’ve been a fan of her blog for awhile. I actually ordered the planner on a crazy whim. I wasn’t sure I’d use it. I’m pretty sure I’m not using it as fully as I could, but I am totally using it. That’s a new one for me. I count it a win. Baby steps, right?

4. Where do you find your inspiration to blog?

This is a tough one. Life, I suppose! I like to people-watch. Sometimes I’m standing in line at the grocery store and someone makes a random comment. I overhear it and it triggers an idea for a post. Sometimes bloggers pique me with one of their posts and I go off on a different tangent from there. I also have about forty solid years of life experience to draw on, which helps. One of the perks of being old!

5. What are 3 blogging goals for 2016?

I know at this time of the year everyone is setting their goals, formulating plans, swearing to abide by resolutions. That’s not really my thing. I think my blogging goal is really just to get better at it. There’s so much to learn! Though, I reckon I’ll still be saying that five years from now. I’ll never know it all, so I suppose my goal for 2016 and beyond is “just keep swimming”!

6. What/Whom can you not live without?

These guys! The Englishman and our furbabies. Skippy is down in the front, looking resigned to having his picture taken for the ten-thousandth time in two years, and Poppy is in the back, looking dubious about the whole camera thing.

Liebster Award

7. What blog do you really enjoy reading?

I really don’t know if I can narrow it down. I have about fifty blogs I cycle through on a regular basis. I don’t really want to name one, because it just depends on the day. Sometimes I’m looking for a great recipe. Other times, I need a laugh. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something more serious. Once in a blue moon, I even check out a few fashion blogs, though I’m really an old tomboy at heart. So nope! Not gonna name just one. But you can totally check out this post, or this post, to see a whole bunch of who I’m reading these days.

8. How did you choose the name of your blog?

Because sometimes, I’m one dizzy bitch, so it seemed appropriate! I kind of wanted to be at least PG-13 though, so I shortened it to Bee. Then, in PaintShopPro, I drew the goofy little bee that became my logo. I’ve seen a lot of really beautiful, polished blogs. This will never be one of them. The bee suits me, so I’m going to keep it.

9. If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Indian food, without a doubt. It’s so tasty. There’s so much variety. It’s also very healthy. You can go total vegetarian with it – which I don’t, because uh, canine teeth, peeps, we’re carnivores. But I could. Also, the spices used in Indian food have a lot of holistic value. I know there are people out there who think believing in natural remedies makes me a nut job, but that’s just not true. I mean, it’s true that I’m a nut job, sure. But not because I believe in natural remedies. It’s almost like this planet was created with everything on it we need to survive – including medicine. There were healers long before Big Pharma came storming onto the scene. Anyway, yes! Indian food!

10. What are 5 things you can’t live without?

Can I cheat and link to one of my old posts?

My Nominees

So, because I’m a rebel, I only have five nominees. It would seem that I’m a bit late to the party and most of the folks I know already have one of these puppies. Plus, I just finished nominating a bajillion new bloggers to the Sisterhood award, and I’m afraid they might hunt me down and throw soggy spitballs at me if I make them answer ten more questions.

Angel Wings and Petticoats

Three Plus One Equals Five

Sidles Adventures

A Purdy Little House

Baby Thyme Cafe

Questions for My Nominees

Some of these questions are downright silly. My blog isn’t particularly geared toward the serious, so no one should really be surprised by this. Besides, I’ve never found too many people who object to a little bit of laughter in their day!

1. Which cartoon character do you most resemble and why?
2. What is your least favorite word in the English language and why?
3. What’s your best advice for new bloggers?
4. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
5. You’re stranded on a desert island with three things you currently own and a famous person. Who and what?
6. Name one achievable goal for 2016 regarding your blog.
7. The Kardashians: Your thoughts in twenty words or less.
8. What’s your favorite blogging topic?
9. Share a link with us to your favorite post you’ve written.
10. Does your “real life” (family, friends, work) know about your blog?

Liebster Award

Pin Me!

Thanks for reading! Please leave any thoughts you might have in the down-there about things I said in the up-there. Also, visit my nominees’ blogs! They rock!

Happy Diaries

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12 Responses to The Liebster Award Lands at OneDizzyBee!

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  2. The Hook says:

    Those dogs are awesome!

  3. Great answers and even better questions from you. My least favourite english word isnt even a word, its a slang thing thats come up. People these days are a little “cray cray”….what the hell, why cant people just say crazy, same number of bloody sylables. My views on the Kardashians…dont know, dont care, I have successfully managed to bypass them all.
    Thanks for sharing, Tracey xx #happydiaries x

    • OneDizzyBee says:

      Cray-cray…I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes I try to imagine our Presidential inaugural address in twenty or so years. I have this fear that it’s going to be made up of slang, emojis and LOLspeak.

  4. ShoeboxofM says:

    Some great questions for your nominees. I thought you had been blogging for much longer. I started in November too!


  5. Congratulations! Have a look through your bio and see we have a lot in common (age, writing, an Englishman – I am not a man but I am English!) and I have social media stalked you in certain places! 🙂

    • OneDizzyBee says:

      It’s official. My first stalker! Does this mean I have arrived? 🙂

      I shall return the favor by stalking you, as well. Am already a fan of your blog! I’m actually trying to figure out a way to make your poppy seed plaited loaf gluten free, because it looks so darn good.

  6. Becky Ellis says:

    Congratulations! Enjoyed your answers and your questions!

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